All Time Top Reason People Fail In Network Marketing

When people ask me what the average person makes in network marketing, I always give them the same reply. The reply I give them is that average people fail in network marketing. The truth is that average people fail at most businesses.

To be in any type of business it takes a lot of courage and it takes a lot of determination. Most people do not have the willpower to push through the difficult times and that is the biggest reason that people fail in network marketing. The minute that things look a little tough, they stop putting in the work and since they stop putting in the work, any momentum that they had comes to a stop.

The most necessary skill to have in any business is that of consistency. It is better to do a little over a long period of time than to work in short spurts. Short spurts are not helpful in business because it causes erratic behavior. Having a steady stream of income is much better than the feast and famine way of doing things.

Being able to be consistent means not looking at the day when you get no leads or they all say no or when your customer cancels their order. If you can make it through these things and keep putting in the action, keep building up your team and showing them how to be consistent, then you will be successful. If you do not learn to do this then you, along with all of the other inconsistent people, will fail.

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